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Sun, May. 22nd, 2005, 08:48 pm
serpentsapphire: PLEASE READ. im a big loser

hey chilluns...

this is bobbie, and you're probably tired of me posting boston youth pride related things, especially because boston youth pride already happened, but this is more a bobbie related thing that happens to have to do with yp.

ok, so i was on the youth committee directing youth pride, and at one point i was standing on charles street directing vendors into the boston common, and two cars from safer homes worcester came in. there was this really cute girl with a tongue ring and a tan shirt and a black hat driving the second car, and she was wicked cool, and i saw her later too, waiting for the butchies but i lost her when everyone went up on stage with the butchies and i didn't even get her name, because i'm a giant wuss and didn't ask her when i had the chance, even though everyone was telling me to. so if anyone reads this and somehow knows who she is...

i know it's a long shot and i'm a loser to do this on LJ but i can't think of another way.

so who knows the cute girl with the tongue ring from safer homes worcester?!?


Mon, Jul. 4th, 2005 07:42 pm (UTC)
sexymdstud06: hey cutie

i just wanted to stop by and show you some love because you seem very interesting to me so when u get a chance holla back at me and tell me more about you......